April 3, 2006

Life, Down and Across

Bought a crossword puzzle book at a drug store several weeks ago. Stuck it in my purse. Pull it out when I need a diversion. Seems I've been waiting a lot lately.

Jury deliberation room. Waiting for the judge to call us into the courtroom. 8 letters, (2 words) panel of 12 unable to reach a unanimous decision
_ u _ g/ _ u _ y

Emergency room. Waiting for Dad to be examined after he collapsed in a restaurant. 14 letters, (2 words) yet undiagnosed condition
m _ _t _ _ y/ i l _ n _ s _

Bowling alley. Waiting for Luke and his friends at their homeschool bowling league. 6 letters, to hit or attack
_ t _ _ k _

Soccer game. Waiting in the car on a chilly day and watching Seth play soccer. 7 letters, (2 words) a competition which ends with both teams scoring equal points
_ i _ /g _ _ e

Emergency Room. Waiting for Seth to be examined for skateboarding injury, exacerbated by recent soccer injury. 8 letter word, devices on which to lean or walk
_ r _ t _ h _ s

Church. Waiting on a Saturday morning for Sean and Evan to watch a new movie release and have a healthy snack of carrots and celery and fruit. 11 letters, (two words) popular Christian cartoon
V _ _ g _ _ /_ a _ e s

Piano lessons. Waiting at Luke's teacher's house, listening to the calming sounds of the woods and bird watching. 20 letters, (3 words) member of the bird family Picidae with red crown and nape and black and white back, often spied drilling and digging into trees

_ e _/ b _ _ _ i _ d/ _ o o _ _ e c _ _ r

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Paul said...

Neat post. Enjoyed it.

Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber went into a bar. The bartender threw them out. "We don't serve vegetables here!"