June 20, 2006

Does the Heart Good

It is wonderful as a parent to be able to watch a child grow. And adolescence seems to be one of the most exciting times. Partially because there can be so much strife and then it seems like you turn around one day and the "child" you were living with pops into their own and you didn't even see it coming.

This year was Seth's second year of school. Besides 5th grade, he was homeschooled. He had ups and downs academically. It just hasn't been his "thing" and he is sometimes a bit too restless to settle into that type of work. *Many maddening evenings checking for homework*. Music has always been his thing. But it wasn't until his teacher held a coffeehouse and encouraged him to play that he realized what he already knew he was capable of. This band he and two friends formed for the coffeehouse and thenwent to an open mic on Tuesday a week ago and were asked to open for two bands 5 days later, after only being together for a month. The bands that followed them told them that they were on their way to the city in no time. They wrote beautiful music and played it heartfully. My heart swelled watching them, knowing that they were testing out the new waters of life and loving it!

Seth came home and said he knew it would happen eventually, that he'd be standing there doing his thing, sharing it with friends who gathered to hear them. I realized that something new is happening. Not about bands and music and gigs, but about growth and maturity and flourishing into one's self. It is amazing to watch and be a part of.

Oh, and the name of the band is The Jennies. Don't ask...is was the guitarist's idea. I'm already embarrassed.

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