June 28, 2006

True Test

I have been worried about Luke's hearing for years and years. I remember telling his Kindergarten teacher to let me know if she notices anything suspicious. She smiled politely and looked at me with one of those, "Okay, you-overly concerned make sure you pay special attention to my kid-parent." But I had good reason! He is probably the least contrary kid you'll ever meet, but would completely ignore something I said directly to his face if he was not looking at me. It was as if he could only hear something if I prefaced my comment with "LUKE!"

The other morning Sean jumped onto our bed. Luke was in another bedroom that happened to have a window air conditioner roaring in it. Very quietly, in Sean's little ear, I said, "We're going to get your hair cut today."

"Not mine!" Luke's voice was heard chiming from across the hall.

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