July 31, 2006

Friday and Saturday

After a long trip to Mama's (pronounced Ma-maw) there is usually a short afternoon nap on the "pit group." I have no idea why the couch is called that at Mama's, but so be it.
Then Stan and I spiffied up and went out to Nick's English Hut to meet up with 1981 graduates of Bloomington North High School, for a sort of pre-reunion union. The picture is strange because my camera's lense fogged up in the humidity.

On Saturday afternoon we (our family, Stan's sister and his best friend) went for a hike to Green's Bluffs. A troop of dogs greeted us (ran in front of our cars barking hysterically) on the dirt road leading up to the trail and accompanied us for the entire hike. Horsetail and a grove of hemlock were points of interest. The kids walked a swollen stream, sulked when we didn't let them scale the bluff in sopping wet skateboard shoes (you can see it below in the picture of moi), scaled a hill instead and found a box turtle. Sean danced in the muddy water.

Then we gussied up again and left for the reunion. It was a lot of fun!

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