July 16, 2006

Lazin' by the Pool

Some generous soul gave my sister a small pool. Then she gave it to us. The kids have had fun playing in it this month.

A couple days ago Luke and Sean were spending a lazy afternoon in it making whirlpools and splashing each other, when Luke decided to teach Sean to swim. Sean is 4, Luke, 9. We keep Sean in suits that have floaters in them when he's in deep water because, well, he's the third child and 1) no one has taught him to swim and 2) I can no longer trust my distractable brain to keep track of 3 kids (sometimes I call them "variables") with general life situations thrown in, around possible drowning situations. So, strap on floaties to the most vulnerable, I say! When Seth was Sean's age, we belonged to a pool club and he swam across the pool and back and treaded water for 10 minutes in order to get his band that allowed him to go in the deep end and the diving board area. First child. Anyway, as Luke often does, he decided to teach Sean something.

Sean learned to doggy paddle and swim across our 15ft diameter pool underwater. He's actually a pretty natural swimmer. Who knew? Before that Luke taught him to recite perfectly a scene from a movie, Pee Wee's Big Adventure. It's our party entertainment we carry with us now wherever we go. Sean is quite the theatric one. Who knew? Listen to Large Marge tell it here... if you dare.

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Paul said...

Aah! The good ol' summertime!