July 19, 2006


I must have a strange disease. Whenever I am preparing for a guest or a trip away from home I go into micromode, I call it. Instead of just packing, doing general cleaning, emptying the fridge, mowing the lawn, I microorganize the far corners of the house.

Sure, I'm doing the other normal things on the side, laundry, etc, but I'm also dumping junk drawers, sorting papers hitherto untouched for months or even years, cleaning windows perhaps, cleaning the sink in the laundry room, packing up those menacing snowsuits in the hall closet, sorting my jewelry, filing Luke's artwork, hanging maps in the homeschool room, updating my blog, arranging books in a more sensible order, wading through the ivy in the back yard for stray balls or trash blown in during the last storm, decorating whatever strikes my fancy - my creativity booms during these times, I mustn't let it go to waste!

Today I bought two little iron birdies to sit on the wall of my front porch under the three pottery bird houses I have hanging there. I hung Luke's nicest artwork on the walls of the homeschool room. I was greatly tempted to sort and box all the hand-me-down clothes and shoes in the attic closet when I was hanging Seth's shirts, but I bit my lip and kept moving.

"C'mon Jennie, let's not be compulsive. Besides, the dump trucks in the sand box could use a little oil."

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Paul said...

Stop by and see us. Then, as you pack for your return trip...