August 16, 2006 me me ME me me meeeee!

accent - south jerseyan? I don't have much of an accent because my father wouldn't allow it (he came from up near NYC and doesn't like the accent here - um, ironically)
breakfast item - coffee, for sure...and I like leftovers (even leftover fish-yum!) or cake
chore you hate - floors
dad's name - Jack
essential everyday item - thyroid medication
flavor ice cream - Neopolitan Dynamite thank you Ben & Jerry's!!!
gold or silver - I lean toward silver mostly, but gold is nice
happy place - right now it's my new morning room pictured here, but in general, I like shallow rocky streams and my grandfather's farm where I spent a lot of my childhood
insomnia - never, but I have trouble putting myself to bed at a decent time
job - homeschooling mom at the moment, I've been a nutritionist and a teacher
kids - 3: Seth Russell 14 & Luke Rowland 9 & Sean Howard 4
living arrangements - (what does that mean?) a lovely 100 year old American Foursquare house that we'll finish redoing someday!
mom's birthplace - southern New Jersey
number of pets you have - 1 beta fish named Loom
overnight stays in the hospital - 3 births
phobia - I am and have always been afraid of strange dogs My best friend, a doctor of psychology, says that this is phobic and I need therapy. I say just keep your dog away from me.
question - What does God want from my life? (I think the answer is obedience, and I'm working on it...and I'm thinkin' that rules out being rebellious...)
religious affiliation - Christian
siblings - 1 sister, 35
time you wake up - 7 or 8, this summer
unnatural hair colors you have had - once I streaked my hair with black in college, the only thing unnatural about it now is there are strange, foreign gray hairs appearing at my temple ????
vegetable you refuse to eat - I don't think there is one, I love vegetables! I just heard though that certain ones may impair thyroid function, so I'm not eating much broccoli, brussels sprouts or cabbage - all of which I love!
worst habit - talking myself out of good things
x-rays you've had - neck, after a car accident; ankle, after bike accident; teeth;
yummy - food, I think food is yummy - cake, vegetables and fruits in season, baquette with brie, lasagna, roasted rosemary potatoes, grilled salmon.....
zoo animal you most like - large cats, especially Siberian a child I planned on owning one of these when I grew I'm rethinking that

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