August 18, 2006

Captain Obvious!

Dear Son #2 was given this nickname by a friend of ours. Luca, my nickname for him, is the kind of person who sums up a problem in a few words. He's generally very quiet, and looks on situations quietly, a natural artist of the details in his art and in life. He has made our family laugh more than once just being the man of few, but poignant, words that he is. While everyone else blabs on about the irrelevant details, Luca will simply lay it on the line, very insightfully to boot, and shut us all up.
Naturally, I can't think of any examples now as I sit down to write, except for a recent evening we had watching The Walton's.

Yes, we have all three seasons available on DVD and all of us sit down at once and watch it. Lest you are rolling your eyes and pitying my 14 year old rock & roller, he's usually the one who asks, "Can we watch The Walton's tonight?" ('Course that's not every night, but when they ask, we do!) We are anxiously awaiting season 4. Until then, to stave off our cravings, we are all going to get John-Boy moles tattooed on our cheeks. (That was Dear Son #1's might call him Captain Impulsive, but I'll explain that in another post.)

So, we were watching the last ~sniffle~ episode of season 3 and, let me warn you, it was not for the fainthearted. John had all this lumber cutting equipment he bought and needed a big job to pay it off. He went into debt, something Olivia does not agree with, mind you! So he literally begged a guy for a huge job and finally got it. But first, he had to finish building his workshop so he'd be assured a dry place to cut lumber. I know what you're thinking, "Hey, Grampop is his steady sidekick. They'll get the workshop done lickety split and be able to fill that order by the deadline!" You haven't been watching your Walton's. Grampop had come down with the flu. Grammom had tried to cure it with poutices, but c'mon, she's no miracle-worker. John was unstoppable, hell-bent to finish alone, but he collapsed in the middle of the night. Olivia put him in the hospital. No man of hers is going to kill himself over grand earthly pursuits - The Walton's are blessed! Meanwhile, the kids, with John-Boy leading the charge built the workshop to surprise dad. Though he lost the big job due to his illness, the kids proudly presented him with a big beautiful new workshop. As the whole family stood teary-eyed and hugging, taking in the splendor of the new building...and we sat there tearing along with them awaiting the final touching "Good night John Boy" moments, Luca's voice sounded from the couch, steady and clear:

Why didn't they just take all the lumber they used to build the workshop and use it fill the order for that big job?

Good night, Luca.

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Paul said...

My kinda guy. Always thinking outside the box. Git 'er done, #2. Git 'er done!