August 20, 2006

I hope for the day when everyone can speak again of God without embarrassment.
Paul Tillich, 8/20/1886 (whose discussions of God and faith, according to, illuminated and bound together the realms of traditional Christianity and modern culture)

I liked this quote today. Sometimes it's hard for me to choose, but Mr. Tillich's jumped right off the page for me today. I've been mulling over in my head whether or not I want to share my ever growing feelings on this subject here on my blog. I realize it won't win me popularity contests, but I have never taken part in one before and it's too late to start now. Also, I am certainly not an expert. The only things I have to say are what's running through my mind and I've always hashed that out through writing, but in my journals. Now, sometimes I feel like sharing it here. I don't feel embarrassed, per say, but I realize it's no "day at the beach" post either. I do yearn for the day Paul Tillich hopes for. Stan and I have been living our days like that and I can't help but want it to spread to others.

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