August 27, 2006

I Want One of These

Only I want it in orange so I can wear it to my kids' sports events and wear the town colors.
Cool site Not Martha.


kristen said...

oh my goodness!!! LOOK at that! how totally fun that is! it looks like stephanie from Lazy Town *smile*
can't wait for you to show off the one you get (make?)!!

Paula said...

That is very cute! I'd buy one.

Jennie said...

LOL it does look like youngest likes to watch her on Nick jr's site. I can't crochet (or knit, whatever that is) so I won't be making one...I prolly have better uses for my time if I thought about it. I just giggled at the thought of the whole team's moms standing their for a playoff game in orange hallowigs (that's what their called evidently). Wouldn't that be hilarious?! I'm demented.