June 13, 2007

Old Pictures

I love these little pictures. This is my father and me on a couple of trips on the Speedline, the train that takes us South-Jerseans to Center City. There used to be a little photo closet there and the picture came out in a metal frame. My dad used to take me to the orchestra sometimes and I think that's what the trips were in these photos.

My dad is a pretty cool dude. He was definitely the coolest dad in the neighborhood, even without his motorcycle and occasional ponytail. When he'd drive into the driveway after school (he was a music teacher) the pack of kids inevitably hanging around would scatter, because they knew he'd chase them. They'd scream like banchees, he'd hoot and holler. He was like a boy in a hen house. I think it was probably just as much fun for him as it was for us. He still does it with my kids, but my mother is always standing by scolding him about riling up the grandkids. I don't remember her keeping that kind of guard when dad had us pinned to the living room floor tickling us till our eyes popped out, but she's old and decrepid now and can't take the excitement. (That's just a joke in case she reads this - she's probably in better shape than I am)

Below is a picture of me on my parent's bed. I'm posting it because Rosemary of Rosemary's Attic just posted a similar one of herself and that sent me scrounging around in my old album looking for this one. 1967


chocolatechic said...

I love looking at old pictures.

Paul said...

I don't have any June 13th stuff, but Tuesday is Juneteenth. Know what that is? Maybe I'll blog about it that day. Thanks for the reminder. Cute little girl in that picture. ;)