August 2, 2006

On Lake Lemon

After a few days at Mama's, we rented a house on Lake Lemon for another few days. We kayaked a lot, swam, fished, played croquet and bocce ball, sat in the hot tub, played with a neighboring dog who joined us for almost every moment, and relaxed. Friends and family came for fun and food and fires with marshmellows.

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Tia said...

Hi Jennie, and thank you for stopping by... Yes, I feel SO blessed that I got to see my grandma before she died.

I find it so cool that having randomly chosen you in Michele's alphabet meet'n'greet I happened on someone with such similarities. I can only imagine how beautiful your portrait of Suzuki is.

And finally...... your I*D*EA post cracked me up!!! Having furnished my room with their stuff in my teens (that's all we could basically get in Finland!) I find it amazing it has become such a big hit here also.