August 14, 2006

Phillies Game

We had a lovely afternoon at the Phillies game yesterday. Besides the action on the field, there were delicious treats: peanuts, ice cream in Phillies hats, cotton candy, crab fries.
This was Sean's first game. The curmugeon in front of him (see below in the plaid blue shirt) whipped around in his seat and *gave him the what for* when he kicked the back of his chair. But we didn't allow him to ruin the game, and we didn't insist that he keep his excess body poundage out of Luke's seating area either! Luke shared his $25 seat with him happily. :-*
Yes, Sean is wearing a Cardinal's hat and believe me, he was reprimanded accordingly by the cotton candy salesman. What were we thinking? :-) Such a nice day at the ball park!

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