August 6, 2006

Triple Interesting

We rented the lake house from a lady who was quite interesting. I was intrigued from moment 1 - we walked into the front door and she handed my husband the spigot for the shower and told him that the shower just broke during the last rental, but we can still bathe. The water just shoots straight out of the wall and fountains into the middle of the tub. She was serious and reassuring us. Stan said he'd like to take a shower while we were there, so she dropped off some glue the next morning and he glued the spigot back into the wall.

Anywho. You can't say that's not interesting.

She decorated the house in 60's music/Disney characters/old classic television photographs/Buddhist...memorabilia. We slept with The Beatles on the wall and dancing bears on our bedspread. My favorite picture of Lennon was there, the one with him in the New York City t-shirt. A large Paul was glued on the wall in the closet. Mickey and Minnie kept us company in every facet of the bathroom. Their likeness was even sliding down the sink dangerously close to the drain, hand in hand. Seth accidently broke the Snoopy ceramic figure in his room. The downstairs bedroom had Buddhist prayer flags across the entire ceiling. There was a corner table in the kitchen with a little shrine thing going on, complete with a book "What Would Buddha Do?" and a Grateful Dead tambourine. I Love Lucy donned the refridgerator in magnets and inspirational posters including, but not limited to, Martin Luther King and Che Guevara educated us in the stairwell. There were many posters all over with much to read and learn. One read on the top, "Life," and pictured a young girl offering a tray piled with the names of many different careers. Underneath the girl were the words, "Get one."

Evidently, we gathered, our renter who shall remain nameless here, changed her given name to something not quite so commonly "namey" (take my word for it) after a religious experience. Some guy who came to visit our rented pad with my sister in law (he had scars on his chest and back from being hung by his skin after a four day fast) knew her in the past and told me he knows this lady to be a triple Aquarius. Whatever that means in her case, I believe it. She is tripley interesting. My sister in law, an Aquarius, also once met her at a drumming circle, so ah...yeah. Anyway, evidently I'm a double Aquarius, so I can't comment.

But the third most interesting thing about her (oh, besides her llama farm) is that she drives a car that runs on used vegetable oil that she gets from local participating restaurants. Evidently, according to her, any car that operates on diesel will do so on vegetable oil, one just has to have two separate tanks and switch it over to diesel a couple miles before you stop so that it can have diesel in the lines for restarting. I did not know that. Sounds like pretty useful and timely information actually. She said the only drawback is that your car smells like french fries. But I'm thinking heck, if you already deal with llamas...

So, I don't know what to make of it all, there in that little cabin named "Strawberry Fields." I'm sure I didn't get it, as there was a lot of information to take in and I was on vacation, cut me a break. So, I guess I'm left only to ponder a line from another band found playfully hanging around on her walls:

Oh, what can it mean, To a daydream believer?


Tia said...

That sounds like a riot!!! =) This renter lady of yours sounds Very Interesting. I can't imagine the stories she could tell!

Also, from your previous post - your family is beautiful.

Paul said...

I saw this yesterday and had a magnificient comment to go with it, but...

Suffice it to say, I, too, am an Aquarius. Whatever that's worth. I'm not into horoscopes and that ilk; however, now I know why you so, like, totally rock, dudette.