August 3, 2006

Who Killed Movies?

Stan wants to take me out tonight to a restaurant and a movie. We love this place that has a coffee/couch cafe, herbal teas, chairs that rock, small theatres and it's right next to a restaurant we love that makes THE BEST calamari. Drool.

So I'm looking for a good movie.
And looking.
Anyone heard of one lately?

I think the only one with so much as a B rating is Clerks II. Ah, no. So I'm writing down times and titles and possibilities and #1 on my list (of 3 movies I don't want to see really), the most interesting and least offensive one I can find is Who Killed the Electric Car?????? This is the best we can do, Movie People?! ~Sigh~ The capabilities and *creativity* in Hollywood and we are proudly served Lady in the Water and You, Me and Dupree? Doesn't anyone have a thought in his head out there? An inspiration? Something ~gasp~ DIFFERENT!?


Maybe we'll just go to a bookstore and read over some coffee there. I must be old because my opinion of entertainment is changing ... and narrowing.


Tia said...

I say go for Blockbuster's foreign section. We love it!! There are some FUNNY and touching movies out there!

Hollywood has "jumped the shark", as they say about any series that should've ended years before it actually did (for example: Friends).....

Paul said...

Hear! Hear!

Paul said...

We watched "Quigley Down Under" recently. It's a twist on "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." Poor script-writing, bad direction and farcical situations. But it's clean. Our daughter loaned it to us. I'm glad we didn't pay to see it.

You might enjoy The Forsyte Saga--several episodes. It's quite good. Get it at your local library. Maybe Blockbuster or that ilk.

Otherwise, you just about have to forget all about movies. Sorry.