September 4, 2006

Eyebrow Medicine

This morning Sean came downstairs and said, half crying, "My eyebrows hurt." I kissed his head and asked if he had a headache and he said, "No, my eyebrows hurt," and rubbed his forehead. I turned and grabbed the Motrin in a cabinet behind me, something I rarely give the kids. Sean saw the bottle and asked, "Is that eyebrow medicine?"


Amy said...

That's cute Jennie. Are you writing all these cute things down so you won't have to try to remember them? They say such adorable things!

Jennie said...

I wish I had written all these things down from Seth on. I love the things kids say. Cracks me up, brings smiles to my days!
I also wanted to write a book of all the things I've said that I'd never have predicted would come from my mouth. My favorite is "Luke, get your tongue off Dad's truck and come inside!"

(It had snowed and he was licking the thin snow off the truck - yuck!)

Tia said...

That is the second time today that you have made me smile.

Well, actually, the first time was more like "howling out loud". I read your response at Michele's site about the negative thoughts/judgements. I was dying! And I don't mean to be insensitive about what the man was doing (ew!) but your reply struck me as really funny.

Hope you have a great rest of the week - and that the eye brows stop hurting! =)