September 26, 2006

No Kid o' Mine!

People without kids must look at people with kids and wonder how in the world we could be so attached to and identify so closely with our children. I probably thought this before I had kids. Now sometimes certain things really make me aware of my subconscious (and errant) thoughts that they are me!

For instance parents, have you ever been surprised that a child of yours would ______? Today Luke found out that he needs braces. Actually, Seth needed them too, but we didn't pursue it because 1) it was a minor problem and 2) simply, no kid of ours would need braces! Glasses, of course, braces - uh uh. Stan's teeth are straight, mine are straight, what's the problem!? :) Well, Luke's problems go beyond our ability to deny, so wow, my kid's getting braces!

Other "No kid of ours'".....

No kid of ours could be good in art.
One is a natural artist, since he has been able to hold a pencil.

No kid of ours would not be able to say his "Rs."
One pwoved that wong.

No kid of ours could be a stage performer.
One says he feels most comfortable singing and playing an instrument on stage. As a young child in formal piano recitals in front of literally hundreds of people, he was the one bopping on the bench and playing beautifully all at once. We think we may even have two stage performers.

No kid of ours will have 20/20 vision....
but we still have hope for one!

It's fun to see the similarities our kids have to us, but it's twice as delightful to behold how they're different. I never thought I'd have a blond green eyed child, or a sandy hair blue eyed child, or a child with eyes deeper, darker brown than mine and ringlets! All of the ways they are different from my imagination are simply hints to all the amazing characteristics and potentials God has provided them. I heard once someone's interpretation of "train up a child the way he should go and when he grows old he will not depart from that." This person's interpretation was that we should observe the gifts, talents and ways of a particular child and raise them according to the way God made them specifically and when they grow they will no become something else that God didn't intend. Though I don't know if this is the correct interpretation of that verse, it certainly makes sense in general. Could there be any greater joy than helping a child find his way?

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