September 1, 2006

Rain, Rain...Come to Play

What a lovely day I'm having. I finished my Genesis study and am off to Exodus tomorrow. I loved Genesis. What an amazing story, how great God is! Wow. Loved it. l

There are 9 boys here right now and I'm loving that. Sean (4) and my nephew (6) are playing with my Luke (9) and his 3 best homeschooled friends. They were at the lake all day catching frogs and tadpoles and now they're here and the 6 of them are running barefoot around the yard in the ploppy raindrops that are today. Some with light sabers, some without. l

Seth and his friends are in the attic, his bedroom, rehearsing for a *The Jennies* gig tomorrow night. They had one last weekend too. The owner said they got paid...they didn't...whatever. Such is the life of a band. They are playing an awesome song right now, very rainy dayish. l

All boys, including my hubby in his garage office, just got served plates of warm homemade banana bread. Good thing I made two loaves. Hubby got his with a hot cup of ginger lemon tea with a drop of honey. l

So it's a happy rainy breezy day. Tomorrow Seth is supposedly receiving his jersey for varsity. One of the coach's helpers says he's never seen such a talented freshman. I think he's playing junior varsity too. He's worked so hard and I'm so proud of him. He's disappointed to be playing junior varsity too, but I am appreciating the lesson in hard work he is getting. That's priceless. Lots of things have come easy to him - sports, music especially- and he's going to need some lessons in hard work to be able to take advantage of them in the future. Looks like he's up for it. l

It's going to be a rainy weekend here, thanks to Ernesto, but we need it. And it's ushering in fall and that's never a bad thing! l

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Tia said...

Enjoy the rainy weekend! Sounds like lovely times with people you love! =)

I'll have a slice of that yummy sounding banana bread, thank you! =)