September 25, 2006


The weather today is brilliant. Luke and Sean are outside playing right now after just a bit of schoolwork because I simply couldn't see it any other way! We'll do some stuff later.

Yesterday I finished Exodus and today I'm off to Leviticus. Though I'm cherishing these early books, I'm so looking forward to the prophets. I have hardly read a lick of them and I know I'll really love those books, especially with the background of the pentatuche.

Our September has been filled with a lot of good stuff. Our homeschooling co-op has been a bright spot in our weeks. It meets once a week for an afternoon and the classes are taught by the parents. Some of us just help or do administrative things. Luke's classes are great this time. He got a class on the rennaissance, a class on asian art and gym. Sean got Kinder Krunchies, where the little ones make their own snack, a literature class and little ones' gym.

We've also been enjoying a geography program here at home, a really neat art program, and some great science books and experiments. It's been a fun learning year so far. Seth is in high school and he's doing well. He's a little tricky. He is so immensely social that sometimes academics are just a small hurdle to hop and get out of the way so that he can really enjoy life. So after the first quiz in algebra, which was easy but he failed, I called a tutor. Well, she is the neatest young lady and I'm SO glad I called her. I don't care if I spend $1000, if she helps him get organized and pay attention to detail then HURRAH! After one hour, she came out and absolutely nailed his math personality, so I knew we had picked a gem. She said, "Um, he is really good in math. You probably won't need me even half the year. What he needs is to be fully committed to a math problem so as not to make little mistakes and get the whole thing wrong." Tell him, sista! "And though he has organized his notes, I told him he needs to organize his math notes exactly like the teacher says." You're preachin' to the choir! And after she left Seth told me she was a great pick. And if he still doesn't perform well, then I tried!!! You heard it here! If he fails, it's not going to be without me spending lots of money!

Sports. Well, unless I can convince Sean to be a painter or something, I will be sitting on sports benches for the next 14 years or so. I really need to take up knitting! Luke decided he'd like to play fall ball as well as soccer, so he has multiple games and practices a week. Seth plays varsity, jv and freshman soccer. A bit ridiculous, but then again I have to remember that my body is 41 years old and his is 14 years old. Evidently the younger in the species can do unbelievable feats of physicallllness. Last week he had four games and practices on the other day and Saturday. Today he has two games back to back. Whatever. Pshaw, what else would he be doing, studying math or some such?

Tomorrow, Stan and I are going to a really nice italian steakhouse in Philadelphia for his birthday. I am already salivating. We went there once with our brother in law who ordered the finest bottle of wine I had ever swam in. (Well, a girl can dream.) I was amazed at how good wine could taste and asked, "Exactly which wine is this?!" He showed me the bottle and then told me how much it was and not only will I not be swimming in it, I also will never ever drink it again. But, wow, I'll never forget that experience. $250, if you're wondering. A few sips of wine cost more than my entire dinner.

I have glorious burnt orange and purple mums in my front yard and red, orange, white and lavender ones in the back. Just when you think nothing could beat summer for all its glory, fall comes along. We're going apple picking soon!

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