September 10, 2006

Sunday Surprise

Today was Rally Day. The kids moved up to the next Sunday school class. Luke's teachers, a retired couple who've been doing this for over 30 years, had a breakfast at their home early this morning for the children in their class, then we all met at church. After church, Sean and I decided to walk home, just 4 blocks away. As we climbed the hill at the railroad track, I looked back and saw Mr. Black coming up behind us. He lives just two blocks from the church, his brother was my dentist from 2 years old up until he retired, and I once visited Mr. Black's backyard with a friend.

My friend loves roses and raises them for exhibitions. She met Mr. Black at one of the Rose Society meetings and he offered to show her his very large backyard, full of exhibition roses bushes. So, this morning I turned and told Mr. Black that I remembered that day and asked about his garden. He told me that when his wife was very ill for seven years he let his roses go and then he said, "Come, follow me home, I have something to show you."

Mr. Black is now growing butterflies. He showed us a table he had set up to exhibit his new hobby to his elderly group from church on Tuesday. Sean and I saw caterpillars, chrysalises in all stages, and a picture of a monarche butterfly drinking strategically placed sugar water on Mr. Black's nose. He shared with us all kinds of information, like for instance, did you know that monarches don't fly to Mexico in droves, they actually float? They fly up to a certain warm current and coast down on the thermal.

After our butterfly tour inside, he took us out to his acre garden in the back which he is converting from a rose garden to a butterfly garden. We did see a few butterflies, but today is a bit too cool for them. We saw two beautiful cardinals and Mr. Black gave me a hibiscus flower.

Then we thanked Mr. Black very much for generously sharing his new hobby with us. What a special surprise for our Sunday morning!

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