September 19, 2006

Through Sean's Eyes

Sometimes when I stop and look at things through my kids' eyes it enlightens me and sometimes it breaks my heart. Sunday Luke had a friend over. Sean wanted to play with the boy's little sister who he has come to enjoy during Luke's soccer games. She is a year older than Sean, but they're about the same size and enjoy playing together. After church Sean urged me to call her since her brother was here.

When we knew Zoe was coming, I told Sean to go upstairs and change out of his good clothes. He resisted. I told him again to go upstairs and ask Daddy to help him out of his clothes. And he finally relented. Daddy came down a little while later and said that after Sean got into shorts and a tee-shirt he looked at Stan and asked, "Do I still look handsome?" We chuckled, realizing we might be witnessing Sean's first crush.

So Zoe and Sean played merrily on the swingset and sandbox and then they went upstairs to play. A little while later Zoe came down and said that Sean wouldn't play with her...she said she was trying to get him to play something or other and he wouldn't do it and stopped playing. I went up. He was hiding behind the door in a black cape. I asked what was wrong, he seemed embarrassed and hurt; I couldn't figure out why. Finally, after he refused to talk about it, I told him to come downstairs and play and he followed me down. Unbeknownst to me, Seth began talking to him, telling him that his secret was safe with him, and Sean told him what was bothering him.

It seems that Sean and Zoe had agreed to play house. Zoe wanted to be the mother and Sean wanted to be the father. But Zoe wanted him to be the baby. Imagine. The crushing blow to the little 4 year old and his first crush. The girl he saw as his equal - thought he was a baby! He just wasn't able to get over the humiliation until Zoe said, "Hey! Let's go over my house!" He'd never been over her house, so he was psyched! And off they went happily.

Later that night, when I was putting him to bed, I asked him to tell me what was bothering him earlier. He said that Zoe wanted him to be a baby...and he wanted to be the dad. I said sure he did, that's only natural. I asked him what he imagined he'd do as the dad. He said, "I wanted to go to work." l

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