October 6, 2006

A Peek

into my last 24 hours. I'm feeling a bit spent and rattled, so I think I'll take inventory.

Let's see...

3:40pm yesterday I was picking my kids up from their homeschool co-op last class, gym and Renaissance. We had been there for three classes since 12:40 and I had taught one for another lady. I taught a neat lesson on food chains to 6-9 year olds, if I do say so myself. And it took me all morning to put together...so this account really begins about 8:00 this morning...I like teaching a class, I sort of miss it. Except when you have kids like Wyatt who won't shut up while you're talking...but he is awful cute.... Anyway.........
4:00 we arrived at Seth's varsity soccer game already in progress, exactly 90% of which he (the only freshman on the team) sat the bench. During the other 10% he scored a goal.
5:00 I ate an entire package of twizzlers...sat watching the kids on my right (my niece, nephew, and 2 sons) rocket themselves and each other down a very short steep hill ending at a wall during the soccer game before me while Stan mumbled under his breath about Seth's lack of playing time
6:00 we dropped Sean off (completely filthy from grass stains) to his church choir/bells practice and went to pick up tomato pies for dinner
6:30 we picked him up and went home to eat.
7:30 I went to church choir practice and, being the only soprano to show, felt like I sang a solo for 1 1/2 hours straight
9:00 Linda dropped me home
9:30 my niece came over for an impromptu sleepover with Luke
10:00 I did laundry and made a banana bread batter for Stan's morning Bible study
11:00 We all went to bed
2:00am Nina came into my room crying and wanted to go home. She thought she might just throw up. I called her parents immediately.
2:15 Nina and I stood on the front porch waiting for my brother in law to pick her up in the pouring rain
4:50 the alarm went off and I put the bread in the oven
5:00 I did some laundry and brought my Bible and study books down to the kitchen
5:50 I woke Stan for his study which he's held in his garage office for 7 or 8 years
6:00 I handed him a tray with banana bread and butter which he took out the back door...only one guy showed up
6:05 I began my Bible study...almost done Leviticus, read Psalm 16
7:05 Stan came in and we chatted over our studies
7:30 I continued laundry and housecleaning
9:00 Stan called from his office and told me he found out (on PowerSchool, grades online) that Seth failed his history test bringing his class grade from a 94 to an 84.
10:00 I went to Sam's Club and spent $345.00
11:00 I stopped in at Barnes & Noble to buy a journal for my Bible study, a grande cappuccino and a Godiva dark chocolate & raspberry bar which I consumed on the way home along with some Smartfood popcorn
11:20 I got home and unpacked everything, reorganized my freezer, wrapped meat, told Stan we need a freezer for the basement...the little one in the garage just ain't cuttin' it. Someone helped me carry the things in (he shall remain nameless) and he dropped an extra large bottle of Downey on the basement carpet. It opened and 1/4 of it spilled into the rug. I love him dearly anyway. My basement smells wonderful. Downey fresh actually.
11:30 Seth and his friend woke up and came down and began, like locusts, to consume the bounty I had just secured. Stan talked to him about his latest test grade and condition of his room, neither of which were happy conversations
11:40 Friend left and Seth "cleaned his room" (you know as well as I that without the quotes I'd be lying - and we know this without even looking)
12:00 Seth carried two giant baskets of clothes into the laundry room (while sulking quietly like only a 14 year old can) where Stan and I were chatting. We tried without ANY success to engage Seth in a short chat about some things that were concerning us. He left to go to friend's house.
1:00 I sorted his clothes and then I called his friend's cell (because Seth doesn't own one and don't EVEN go there) and thanked Seth for putting many clean clothes in with his dirty laundry, as I had no other plans or wishes today besides serving him and his wardrobe. And then I clicked the off button without listening for his reply which I wouldn't have heard or understood anyway because he doesn't speak in English or in decibels anymore.
1:30 I watched as Luke walked down our long street to his friend's. It was raining hard...and I was standing in it...and he was walking...slowly...he has but one speed... ... so rather than get soaked, I finally went inside and left him in the care of his guardian angel. Evidently he made it.
2:30 I drove Sean over his cousins' house and came home and thought "Wow! I have the house all to myself! Yippee."
2:45 Luke called and asked if he and his friend could come home to play here

And since about 3:00 I've basically been trying to get adequate oxygen as my lungs feel like they've shrunk to the size of grapes...

...Who knows what time it was when I sat down in the kitchen, finally resigned to relax, put my feet up and have a sip of red wine. I asked Stan to pass me the chips. His arm hit a full glass of beer..... tomorrow will be good.

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Paul said...

Well, other than that, Mrs. Kennedy, how was your trip to Dallas?