November 5, 2006


Yesterday we went to look at a house my husband was interested in. It was situated on a wooded lot, a unique setting for our little town. There was a deck off the living room and while Seth and I stood there looking out a tiny winter wren perched on the other side of the window, enchanting me. Such a cute bird!

So this morning I remembered that I wanted to look him up in my bird book. Luke and I read about him, Luke drew him and then I stood up and said, "I wish we could see birdies like that in our yard." I walked out of the room and passed my back door and glanced out and took a double take. There was a hawk sitting on the backboard of our basketball net hunting a squirrel running around on my driveway. I called Luke and we watched for a while, then I got the camera. Finally it swooped into my neighbors yard. There is a nest of red-shouldered hawks in my neighbors yard. This might have been one.

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kenju said...

We used to have a hawk in our neighborhood, and while he was here we had few squirrels, no snakes, no mice or moles. I wish he'd come back!

I like your use of the words I left in Michele's game!