November 14, 2006

The colors of fall are fading and everything is wet, rainy and threatening to be dreary. Just looking back at my front porch when it was pretty a few weeks ago. On my walk today I was impressed at all the brown leaf stains on the sidewalks, the gorgeous coppery oak leaves littering the streets and the foggy cool air, so nice to breathe. I walked to the park and around it twice and on my second time around THE fattest blue jay EVER was sitting on a very low branch right next to the path. I stopped in my tracks and looked at him head on. He had a big fuzzy white belly, tufts of wings sticking out here and there and his wings were all propped up like they didn't fit over his big old tummy anymore. He looked at me for a moment and flew off, barely able to lift off the branch. So beautiful. Okay winter, I know you're coming. I've made my peace.

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David said...

i just love that front porch and the composition of the picture!!
God bless you.