November 7, 2006

'Kay! I Voted Already!!!

Warning: Person who has "voting issues" exposing herself below. Turn back if you are one of those ROCK THE VOTE people, or some such. I'm not trying to be unAmerican, just sharing my struggle!So, Joe Piscopo has been calling the house. Three times. To remind me to vote. "Hey, it's me, Joe Piscopo. Yea! It really is me!" Who cares Joe? You're a recorded political message blithering upon my answering machine. Then I'm pretty sure President George Bush called once. These calls are among various other recorded messages I've received over the recent weeks. Do they have anyone else's number or just mine?

This afternoon while I was making cookies and talking with my sister in my kitchen I received 4 political recordings and one live caller. In one afternoon - in about 1 hour! The live caller just immediately barraged me with Democratic blabla the second I picked up, hardly allowing me to tell him, "Excuse me: I VOTED ALREADY!"

SHEESH! I'm sure there are plenty of people who think this is swell, but I find it annoying. Kind of "political evangelizing." No one likes a Christian running around shouting, "Accept Christ or burn!" And I don't like Joe Piscopo calling my house out of the blue and telling me to vote. Um, guess what if I don't already know that today is Election Day, what makes you think I have a CLUE what I should be voting for?! You just want me to show up and push some buttons? How heroic of me.

I feel uncomfortable voting, can you tell? This probably makes me a bad person. I do not educate myself on the candidates nearly enough. And even when I have tried , I think, "What the heck do I know about what s/he's going to do in office?" I have such a hard time believing in a candidate or a party, especially when their message becomes all about how lousy the other guy is. Look. I think you're both probably lousy. At least tell me where YOU stand on the issues, huh? I suppose if I really got into it I'd have a greater understanding of the issues and the people for the job. I really hate making decisions on a little bit of information. I'm always amazed when people are so firmly and staunchly decided. They must be so well-educated.

So, yes, Joe, I voted. But once again I left feeling a little foolish for "exercising my right" without firmly believing in the buttons I was pushing. Voting is SUCH a responsibility!
Someday I'm going to do it right.

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Paul said...

Hey, tell 'em what I tell 'em.

"Listen hunny. I vote early and I vote often."

That has stopped more than one telemarketer in his/her/its tracks.