November 17, 2006

Three Phone Calls

Okay, is this normal behavior?

Ann - mother of boy on my son's soccer team. I've known her much of my life (neighbor) but she never ever calls our house for any reason.
Bobby - nice boy on the soccer team with my son Luke and Ann's son (who incidentally doesn't usually play with my son Luke outside of group functions such as soccer)
Billy - Ann's son (who incidentally is a good scorer!)

This is a conversation I had at a soccer game a couple weeks ago.

Me, to my sister: Luke scored right before you got here. Too bad you missed it. We've been talking to him about shooting because he keeps whiffing right in front of the goal and we know how much he wants one. He's going to be so happy!

Ann, sitting next to my sister, listening to me and looking at the kids on the field: I really like Bobby. He's such a nice boy and a great soccer player! We took him to the zoo the other day.

Me, to Ann: Yeah, Billy called the other day and asked us for Bobby's phone number, saying he wanted to ask him over to play. Stan told him that he couldn't get it at the moment, but that it was probably in the phone book.

Ann: Oh my gosh, I'm going to have to talk to that boy. He shouldn't do that. That's so rude!

Today, weeks later, Stan and I are sitting in the kitchen 10am chatting. The phone rings and Stan picks up.

Ann on the other end: Chomp chomp, swallow swallow. Oh, sorry, I just took a big bite of a danish. Hey, do you guys have Bobby's phone number?

Stan: Ummm...I don't know if I have the team roster inside or not, let me check.

He put the phone down and told me, looking rather incredulous. I waved the phone book at him.

Stan: Well, I don't have the roster available, but it's right here in the phone book!

Ann: Yeah, I didn't want to call information. It's just too expensive.

Tell me. Why? Does she believe our team roster is closer to us than her phone book is to her?

Here's another interesting incident.

Remember years're sitting in your living room...your phone rings a half a ring and nothing think oh, someone must have dialed wrong and go on with your life. Nowadays, it isn't enough that we have call identifier and the numbers staring us right in the face every time our phone rings. No. We have to call the person back and ask them why they happened to call.

As if we're all not busy enough.

So, today I am dialing my husband's cell phone and the buttons are wearing out and sticking on my kitchen phone. The last two numbers of his cell number are 65, but my phone dials 66 before I can pick up my finger and I immediately push off. I mean, immediately!! As I prepare to redial, I get a phone call back from "66". I answer and a man's voice says loudly and accusingly in my ear, "Yeeesssss??????"

What is that? I answered Mr. I-Have-Nothing-Else-Better-to-do-Today, "Sorry! I misdialed!"


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