January 31, 2007

You're Invited!

We have a young tradition in our family. When we're lighting the candles and everyone's gathered 'round, waiting to start the singing, one person will begin and hold the first note. "Haaaaaaaaa...." Then another will join in "Haaaaa....." And another, perhaps an octave higher, "HAAAAAAAA...." And we hold there, sounding a little like a voice orchestra preparing to play... and when all the candles are lit - we sing!

Let the party begin! I'm 5!

Okay, I'm 42.

(Can you see how much of a crush I had on Craig?)


debs said...

mmmmmmmmm neopolitan ice cream! I'm there! oops looks like I need a time machine. Jenny you little flirt, lol. I love it. You were so adorable, Happy Birthday :)
I'm glad you finally got your chocolates.

Welp gotta run, but thanks for having me over for your b-day
hugs and love and many more birthdays wishes :)

MIN said...

From one W&S to another. HAAAAAAAAAAAAppy Birthday dear!

Paul said...

Happy Birthday!

Joey said...

I'm late! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I love the pictures btw.