February 19, 2007

It's February...

And we have been sick in the house for a week now. Sean has strep throat...today the doctor called and told us that Luke has strep throat...all five of us have been sick for at least a week...Seth, Stan and I probably have strep throat too, who knows. This morning while Luke ate his breakfast at the window, he decided to create fruit art. "Mom, Look!" We especially like the picture below that captures a lemon tumbling from an apple in midflight. But that's not all Luke's been doing during his sickness...scroll down and you will see a couple famous paintings....

on a mini EtchASketch palette. Can you guess which ones they are?

Hint: there's a Da Vinci and a Van Gogh

excuse me
How's your February goin'?


Lea said...

...Is that the Last Supper in Etch a Sketch?????????

Paul said...

"Yes, lea, it is," she said.

"And an excellent job, too," I added.

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I have already spent a bundle this year on my doctor. His kids should now be comfortably ready for college.

"Oh, and I think the other picture is a...a...uh, did you say Van Gogh?" Hmmm...Her kids are smarter than I am, I mused alone.

Jennie said...

Starry Night is the other one. "That painting -the poster - actually hangs in Luke's bedroom, so he's well acquainted with it. :) And we're doing a giant puzzle of the Last Supper at the moment," I said, rebuilding his confidence. ;)