March 23, 2007

Day Tripper, Yeah

We hopped on the speedline and zoomed over to Philly this morning. My sister, Luke, Sean and I. The kids love the speedline. It goes much faster than the subway, over land, through tunnels, over the Ben Franklin bridge and down under Philly. As you can imagine, the boys get an eyeful. The nice man in front of them offered them his seat after Sean stood peering out and breathing down his neck for the first couple of stops. He couldn't see out from his seat.

We got off at the first stop, 8th & Market because from there you can walk to Reading Terminal Market where all kinds of delicious foods are at your fingertips. Of course there's Philly cheesesteaks, gyros and soft pretzels. There are produce stands, also butchers - the kids loved looking at the pig's feet, oxtails and other assorted um, parts... seafood places - live dungenous crabs and lobsters swimming about before their eyes were the big excitement there... and all kinds of bakeries. Close your eyes and walk around Reading Terminal Market and smell the traffic jam of smells, from raw fish to raspberry cupcakes with butter cream frosting. Julie and I got a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant. We sat at tiny metal tables and enjoyed them tremendously while the boys had orange cream soda in glass bottles and soft pretzels.

The thing that drew me to Reading Terminal Market this time was John & Kira's chocolates. With flavors like lavender honey, coffee whiskey, starry night, lingering lemongrass, just us bergamot and papohaku ginger - who could resist crossing the river to buy a box?! I also got an orange cutting board and was very tempted by these. So cute and functional. Next trip, perhaps.

Finally, Julie and I bought a big batch of bockwurst, bratwurst, some other wurst and some saurkraut for a big dinner tonight for the family. These were purchased at one Amish butcher, while the rolls and blueberry bread for Stan were at another. Another Amish stand had the hot and spicy beef jerky I know Seth'll enjoy tonight.

Finally, the kids were moaning and were beginning to feel like a fourth walk around the market was not the kind of thing they could withstand, so we pulled ourselves away and headed for the speedline. We sat in the very back so the boys got to look out at the city as we headed over the bridge toward home.


Paul said...

I'm coming to your town some weekend and I want to go to all those cool places you go to. What's the fee for an extended tour?

Paul said...

I've been visiting the links you left. Thanks for this post.

Jennie said...

Fee for The Honorable Paul and Her Majesty First Wife - are you kidding?!? We have lots of interesting places around here - Philadelphia alone is plenty for a weekend. Just give us a heads up! :)