April 17, 2007


There's nothing cuter on the internet than my Ruby right now, come on just admit it.
My photography is another matter, but luckily my subject is so cute it doesn't really matter. Last night as she slept on the floor next to me, I heard a cute sound as I read Anne Lamott's latest book. I leaned over and peered into the box where she lay on her side sleeping. She was suckling the air, dreaming of her mommy. I was reminded just how young she is. She's a mere babe. I wonder how her mommy is doing without her 4 pups now. It makes me sad almost.

But on another cute note, have you seen the Jenny Craig commercial with Valerie Bertinelli? Oh my, that's cute too. Her timing is perfect, great commercial. She is so darling and beautiful right now, I hope she doesn't lose a pound.

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