May 1, 2007

Heard Around the House

Sean, 5, yelling in the back door: Did anybody see my shoe? I think it just flew inside.

Luke, 10: Sean! You don't pull somebody's hair until you know they have your property.

Me, in my most convincing voice to Seth, who can be a drab, mumbling 15 year old: I just bought these Omega 3 fatty acids capsules...they're supposed to be good for your brain...I'm taking them - they are good for depression...take it! It'll make you happier.

Seth, in all seriousness, eating his cereal: I don't wanna be extremely happy.

Me: Uh, don't worry, you won't be flitting through meadows with butterflies. You just may be a tad more positive.

Seth: uuhhh, as he picks up the capsule from his plate and places it on his placemat


Paul said...

Heard at our house last week.

Me: Mari, where does Santa live?

Granddaughter Mari (age 3): At the North Mall.

rosemary said...

Hum, I thought I left a comment...but....I said: Isn't it wonderful how different your three children are. The Omega 3 will make your son belch like a trucker...that's Manly!!! King was absolutely the right name for your amazing dog.

Kathy said...

Wrong approach wit Seth...never tell a teenager 'it's good for you'. You have to say things like, 'don't touch my vitamins...they'll make you loopy. and might make you grow superpowers or something. They're only for old people like me.' Works every time.