April 9, 2007

Love and Scalloped Potatoes

Though there was a lot of egg and prize-hunting going on yesterday, nobody but nobody found something as cool as I did inside the bag of potatoes hubby brought me from the market. Isn't it GRAND?!

I have a thing with vegetables and "messages"...I'll tell you the story of the angel and the white eggplant again someday.


kenju said...

Jennie, I saw your comment at Michele's about the Bernese puppy. There is a blogger who has one, and
my daughter has a friend with one, and he is the cutest dog I've ever seen!!

Lea said...

I suppose now you'll be lucky in love..I'd sell it on ebay

kristen said...

how very fun that is!!! happy happy easter to you (belated, of course).

Jennie said...

Well, I just went on ebay and typed in "heart-shaped potato" and there is one red heart-shaped potato for sale already! However it is not quite as spectacular as mine. They're asking $6.50 for shipping alone, no bids.