April 4, 2007

Zitner's Easter Eggs

Has this ever happened to you? You try something new, perhaps you've just lifted it off the shelf and said to yourself, "Hm. I wonder if this would be good." And you try it and are suddenly euphorically in love with the thing and are merrily enjoying it, whether it be a food or a handy tool or a computer thingamabob, and then a dark, squinting, suspicious look comes over your face and you say to yourself slowly with a tad of annoyance,

"How Come No One Has Ever Told Me About This Before?"

Well, this happened to me this spring season. I was in the drug store, milling around as I waited for my prescription, and I saw a display of chocolate Easter eggs. I can always eat (I was going to add more to that sentence, but it's good just the way it is) And so I picked up a Zitner's double coconut egg and a butter krak egg. Butter Krak? What the heck is Butter Krak? That's not important, it's wrapped in dark chocolate, I thought.

These eggs are soooo good that I am not only delighted that I found them, but also angry that no one I love told me! NOR did anybody come up to me on the street, shove one into my hand and say, "Stranger! For the love of Pete - Eat one of these now. And may rainbows and bluebirds follow you always."

So, Stranger, Friend, Loved One, Pete - I present to you Zitner's Easter Eggs.

Oh, there's one more thing. They're only sold in the Philadelphia area. Sorry. But if you send you name and address, I'll share the love.

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