May 12, 2007

The Girls

My sister has a young great dane, Trinka, and she and Ruby are learning how to be together. Trinka is a lady. She was trained to be a Parkinson's patient helper, but she failed for timidness. Wherever you are, if you drop her leash she will stand still forever. She was trained not to run. My sister didn't know this and one day she dropped her leash when a visitor was over and Trinka stood in the living room for a half hour until Julie realized what was happening. Parkinson's dogs also perform another curious act. Sometimes, I take it, Parkinson's patients "freeze" and the dog lifts its paw and touches the person's foot which somehow unfreezes the person and they can go on. So, if you're walking next to Trinka and you stop suddenly, she'll tap you on the foot.

But Ruby made the mistake of growling at and chasing my niece and Trinka bounded at her and slapped her two giant paws down right in front of Ruby. Ruby submitted and laid on her side until Trinka backed off. Then again, when Trinka thought she'd drive the point home one more time. It was very cute, the older one teaching the younger one. I must say that Trinka is a better teacher of Ruby than I.

I have a fear of dog fights. So we're taking it slow. Once in a while Trinka uses those front legs of hers to bat around Ruby and that scares me. They'd probably be perfectly fine together if we'd back off. Those eyes are why I love danes. They are such sweethearts.


rosemary said...

They are both adorable....I love those close up pics of dogs faces. Looks like Trinka has good taste buds as well!

Paul said...

I stopped in to say "Happy Mother's Day" to one of the neatest Mom's I've ever run across.