May 17, 2007

A Knee Surgery Kind of Weekend

Getting arthroscopic knee surgery tomorrow. I have a torn meniscus. I hope it makes things all better so I can walk again with my hubby every day. We had a good thing going there for a while, then it got warm out and I was excited to walk in the nice weather...and boom.

And getting a puppy in the middle of all this was just a stellar idea. There's nothing better for a knee, injured or not, than baby gates, tiny animals weaving inbetween your legs as you walk, cleaning up messes on the floor, carrying puppies down the stairs in the dark at night when you've just been dragged out of bed...I hope you can't sense my done-ness with this knee thing. Because then you'd know just how impatient and intolerant I really am.

So, if I don't write for a few days, just picture me on the couch finishing my book Eat, Pray and Love (that I'm reading with a long distance friend) and my Oprah magazine and a few other books I'm in the middle of...and doing crossword puzzles and watching the movies I just rented: Pan's Labyrinth, Running with Scissors and Little Children. And sending my children off to the convenience store for various subs and yummies.

Just tell me it's not going to hurt that bad. I have a high tolerance for pain. But I'm not in the mood for pain and aches right now at this moment in time.


rosemary said...

It won't hurt that bad....but then I have never had an arthroscopy!...head down, leg up is what I remember as a after surgery, heat when the doc says it is OK...meds, lots of fluid and follow orders.

Thank you Jennie for the nice words on the caption fiasco!

kristen said...

oh crapmandu!! i'm sorry :( i hope surgery was quick and relatively painless

Jennie said...

Thanks well-wishers! I think it went really well. I feel great!