May 25, 2007

Snips & Snails

Recently I've been inspired to share a little bit of what I see around here during my days. I mean, living with three boys. I am one of two girls, six years apart. Though I was quite an active and imaginative child, I was not three boys worth of child. Yes, my mother had permanent marks on her playporch ceiling from the clay I dug up in a nearby lake...yes, her new countertop was (and still is) marred when I lit a magnesium strip (magnesium burns white HOT)...yes, when my sister assumed my bigger room after I went off to college, she painted the closet and found the "F" word scrawled in red crayon in the back corner...yes, I once washed baby ducks in a dishpan full of warm soapy water and they couldn't walk for, well, a long time. Now I am able to see the fun my mom endured all those years ago. I have found that although there are times of sudden surprise, disorientation and perplex, I very much enjoy having my day touched by little (and big) boys' hands and imaginations. I think you will find that some of the following pictures will depict nicely the days that I don't feel that so much.

The photo below is the inspiration for this post. For about two weeks, every time I brushed my teeth there was this pistol (or musket or shotgun or rifle - I don't know) next to my toothpaste. I guess it was left by a little soldier the night before as he brushed his. (Oh, like he brushed his.) Anyway, I just liked the elements of the photo: porcelain, a spigot, a tube of Sensodyne, a gun. And I began to look around for other moments and snippets to shoot. So to speak.

The day before my operation, I went food shopping for the boys and myself. Stan was going away for the weekend and I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. The next day, Sean created this and we began eating apples more quickly. He said it was his "ought," which is as close as his mouth can get to "art." There is "ought" deco, digital "ought", "ought" masterpieces...I'm thinking this is "ought not."

I am not sure who created this "ought-istic" yard sculpture.

This is my dining room table outfitted for battle. Luke created these - a torch, shield and a few pokey things.

Well, since we have a theme going...Seth is a different kind of artist. He uses force, athletic prowess and strength to hurl various objects in a playful way to show their effects on- nevermind, this is a photo essay.

And finally, these shots were taken when the boys caught me with a camera, taking pictures of the beaten walls of the basement. In a way, they fit in nicely with the theme of boys around the house. They also explain the two pictures above nicely.

Oh well, I can say that my ceilings and countertops are intact, my closets - though small - do not conceal profanity, and most of my ducks are in a row. ~;o)


tracey said...

It's always good when ducks get lined up. Boys can be challenging, can't they? I have no brothers, but I do have City Boy, and even still he's a challenge =)

Paul said...

Next to My First Wife, I think you're about the best mom I ever heard of. God bless you again.