May 22, 2007

The Way Home

I wish you could have listened in on our conversation on the way home from dinner tonight. We had just eaten at a mexican restaurant and Stan and I were having our usual post-eaten-out conversation. Why do we do it? It really wasn't that good. We ate too much. We spent too much. Food prepared at home is always healthier....Then we move into the "let's be vegetarians again" conversation. I felt so much better then, Stan will say. Hey, I'm up for it, I'll say. Then we added a new twist and yelled back to the kids, "Wanna be vegetarians for the summer?!"

A resounding "NO." Then Sean, from the way back, yelled, "What's a vegetarian?" The boys told him what it was. And of course, that conversation led into cannibalism, because boys find ways to get those types of things into conversations whenever possible.

I defined lacto-ovo vegetarian for them, explaining the things one can eat if they choose that type of diet. Then Sean decided he would in fact like to try being a vegetarian. He said, okay, he'd try it. Then added the question, "What's lactose intolerance? Does that mean you can't have ice cream?" Then the boys began trying to explain to him what it means to be lactose intolerant, but he was too excited by then to listen any longer. He proclaimed from his booster seat in the way back of the van:

I want to be a vegetarian and lactose intolerant!


David said...

great moments in parenting.
and mexican food is attractive mostly BECAUSE it is so bad for us.

rosemary said...

Vegetarian means vegetables and my kids all would have voted a loud NO. My fault..bad mother

mar said...

How cute!!!!
Michele sent me your way :)
have a wonderful day!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Very funny! Kids DO say the darndest things....!
Thanks for your visit today!

Tracey said...

Cute. Aren't kids great? They give us so much to write about! My son was going to be a vegeterian when he was seven; he was also quite distraught to find he had leather on his shoes. That lasted two hours, and we were back to McDonalds.

Paul said...

Check that boy's temperature!!!

Now then, go to Mexico and see if you can find a Mexican person with colon cancer.

And if you want some world-class Mexican food, you're invited to our house where My First Wife will fix you the best of the best. Really.