May 28, 2007

We've had a lazy dog-washing, cast-icing-and-elevating kind of weekend for Memorial Day. Stan and I went to a bocce ball party last night for an hour and a half, but I just didn't feel right leaving Sean at home for very long. Today we get together with my sister and her family.

Birthday Quotes for May 28th

I have no time to make money, I am searching for the truth.
Louis Agassiz, Swiss born American Geologist, Teacher and Naturalist b. 1807

The life is a wonderful thing. You have to appreciate it NOW... because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.
Ekaterina Gordeeva, skater b. 1971


rosemary said...

Caught up on your posts....I still remember some words about my two boys...Don't get upset but Arthur was hit by a car....Gilbert slipped in the tub and broke his nose...The big wheel just went right over his head...he was jumping off the bunk beds mom I didn't push have the most adorable puppy in the whole world...and cute toothpaste and cap guns too.

Paul said...

Good to see Sean out keeping his other arm limber. I left a comment on your previous post, too.