June 28, 2007

Appreciation Day

Mike Edwards is the artist. The police department threw the annual community appreciation day fair yesterday and there was all kinds of fun free/"donation" things for the kids. I didn't bring the camera and regretted it. So much fun, so much climbing, so much plate balancing, so much powdered sugar on sweaty faces. Police dog shows, helicopter rides, golf cart driving, horsey rides, bead necklace-making......And someone could have gotten a picture of me, the pack horse, carrying these cool drawings, the inflatable hammers and guitars, the balloon sword made by the giant on stilts, the gold medal for knocking the guy into the tank, the little plastic football someone threw at us as a gift, and the free water ice, and the occasional can of soda or half-donut. There were three of us, only 5 functioning arms, and as I said, a lot of plate balancing and ringing-the-bell-with-the-mallet type things going on. Dear son 15 wasn't there because, well duh, he's 15. And Dear husband was "in the field" all day and unable to make it. But Sean and Luke and I had a lovely time. Especially when the one dude from high school told me that I looked "basically the same" as I did then... minus the ten pounds, curly gray hairs springing from my temples, worn out eye balls...spider veins...two dirty kids........I know what he meant!


rosemary said...

And the one dude looked like what....George Clooney?

Jennie said...

Sadly, not even close.