June 2, 2007

Books o' Mine

This is my bookYcase. 8
I'm picking a day a week, let's say Tuesday, to introduce you to a book of mine. I think I'll call it my Book o' Mine post day. I'll choose any book that suits my fancy on any particular Tuesday. I'll tell you about it, tell you why I like it or don't like it. Perhaps I'll share some of the parts I underlined, if it seems fitting. I always read with a pen and I Y quotes. I'll tell you a little about what it means to me. I'm not saying I'm doing a "review" because then I'd have to reread the darn thing and make it hard on myself. I'd have to look through my homeschooling materials to find out how to write a book report...I'd end up trying to get all clever and philosophical about main ideas and character developments...

No. Ain't happenin. I'm keeping it simple, raw. I'm flying by the seat of my pants. I might even simply tell you how I came to own such a book. Or how I read the first three pages and decided to pick up a People magazine instead. Or under which tree some bookcrossing member released it. Or how I've had intentions to read it for 10 years but just can't bring myself to do it. Or how I pretended to read it at the lake one summer while the kids swam and I sat with my toes in the sand, frying like bacon, sweating like a pig and eating Twizzlers. Or how much I like the cover. I may even judge the book by its cover, if I feel like it. It's coming to you live on Tuesdays, whatever it is.

Meet the books in my office. 6 5

Please say hello to the ones in my sitting room. They're usually lonely. 6

I Y books. If you do too, come around on Tuesdays and see some of mine.


rosemary said...

I'll be there....you know I have over 500 books unread....do you want to borrow a few? They take up a lot of space, I think they are like bunnies that make more bunnies. At least that's what I tell my husband when that box arrives from B&N....the bunnies ordered them.

Jennie said...

500 unread books? That would give me agita Rosemary! Maybe you could start a book of mine day with me just to reacquaint yourself with your bunnies!

Anita said...

Ooh - - I can't WAIT until Tuesday. I love books.

TwoSirius said...

I *heart* books, too. I'll have to pop in on Tuesday!

Michele sent me!

Paul said...

I'll be here on Tuesdays. I recognized a few of the books you have. (Hint: writing.)