June 11, 2007


"Mommy," Sean says in a sweet voice as he looks over the kitchen island to me, "what are vitamins and minerals?"

I answer, "They are things in food that make our bodies work well."

"So, that means vitamins and minerals are good for you?"

(If, Dear Reader, you see where this is going, you're one step ahead of me.)

"Yes, you've got it," I replied with a smile and continued to dreamily wipe up the counter after lunch.
Sigh~ My children are so smart and they love to learn new things.

"Mommy," Sean continues thoughtfully.

"Yes, my love."

"Lucky Charms has 12 vitamins and minerals in it."

Curses! Foiled again!!!


"So that means that Lucky Charms are good for you."

"Sean, food like that sweet potato over there, meat, apples, salad, oatmeal...these things grow on the earth for us to eat. These are the things that God actually created so that we could feed ourselves and get what our bodies need to be most healthy. All of these things come with lots of vitamins and minerals and other good things we need. Lucky Charms is just sugar and flour with some vitamins thrown in. They are not really good for you."

"But they have 12 vitamins and minerals," he says, reminding me of the simple facts.

Luke chimes in from the table, "The other foods have more good things than that, Sean."

No use. The brainwashing is complete. He sees us as the enemy. The foolish enemy.

"Sean, look at it this way. Let's say I have a glass of soda here and I drop a vitamin pill into it, stir it up and drink it. I would get lots of vitamins and minerals, but not in a very good way. That's kind of like what you're getting when you eat those cereals."

Sean looks up at me out of the corner of his eye, turns on the natural charm he seems to have readily available, whether he's had Lucky Charms lately or not, and repeats with assurance the fine education he has received from General Mills:

"But Lucky Charms does have 12 vitamins and minerals."

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anita said...

Holy cow is he smart! And I guess I'm not cause I didn't see where he was going with it at all.