June 21, 2007

Happy Chip

All three boys were laying around on the couches when I walked into the room. "The dog needs to come inside. You know, I'm getting pretty tired of telling everyone everything that the dog needs! 'She needs to eat.' 'She needs to go out.' 'She needs to come back in.' Taking care of your dog is knowing that these things need to be done and doing them without constantly having to be told!"

I turned on my heel and walked into the kitchen.

A couple seconds later, Sean walked in.

"Mommy. Do you want a 'happy chip'?

"What's a 'happy chip'?"

"This!" He held up a seaweed rice cracker. "If you eat it, it'll make you happy! There are happy crackers and mean crackers. Do you want a happy cracker?"

Grrr. It is impossible to be angry around this child.

Here: watch this. it's funny. Anita Renfroe


Paul said...

My First Wife and I enjoyed the video a lot!!! Deja vu all over again. Thanks for the fun!

chocolatechic said...

My kiddos used to tell me to go take a happy pill.

rosemary said...

Can't do the video, boohoo...dial up out here in the sticks. Sean is precious...what a sweet, thoughtful child. Did the older boys bring in the dog?