June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Here's what we did. Our original plans of a southern fried chicken dinner fell through, so we had a picnic in the park. First we loaded up canoe, puppy, and various balls and bats, then went to the convenience store and bought hoagies. And some really gross squirt SweeTart gel stuff that Sean had to have. I had also made my broccoli salad special request of the honored father of the household.

Then we set up in a cool place and ate and chatted. Seth checked out Grampop's new IPod.

Grampop told Sean that eating broccoli salad made his hair fall out. Sean asked how old he was when this happened.

"Five and a half," he answered.

(I have to edit here and tell you that after this picture they laughed and Grampop told him that he was kidding. I looked at this today and thought, "Oh, how sad!")

Luke and Sean attempted to catch a rabbit.

Then, while the others were driving around to the loading dock, Sean and I walked to the lake. On the way he told me that he was going to catch a fish in his net and I would fry it up for dinner. I told him that the fish from this lake probably aren't clean enough to eat. He said, "Well, we can clean it!" Life is so simple for a five year old. He doesn't understand the meaning of "past #1 on the Superfund site list." It's supposed to be very clean now, but I can't get the jokes from my childhood - like people from my town glowed in the dark - out of my mind enough to eat from it.

He really wanted to catch a fish.

Meanwhile, the others loaded the canoe.

Before they left, Seth caught Sean two turtles.

They were so beautiful. Like a piece of colorful jewelry.

Then they were off.

And we played around on the edge and tried to keep Sean from falling in.

Ruby desperately wanted to get in, but was also very unsure about the whole lake thing.

Then we headed home. My mother was also there, but she managed to avoid my camera.

I hope you had a Happy Father's Day too!

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rosemary said...

The pics of Grampops and Sean are so wonderful. We are alone but almost all of the kids called Steve. Sad on days like this. The forest and pets just don't fill in that empty place.