June 13, 2007

Happy June 13th, People! And dogs!

Anyone else have a June 13th thing goin' on? Today is my parents' anniversary, my friend Sharon's birthday, my sister's old dog Bella's birthday, my friend Janyne the dog trainer's dog Toby's birthday, my son's friend Kyle's birthday, my friend Carol's daughter Rebecca's birthday, my friend Jody's daughter Azure's birthday.....so, it seems like since I know you, you must have a June 13th connection. No?


rosemary said...

Missed TUESDAY.....bad day at black rock for me...in any event...I did catch up....you know, there is some wise saying about the "journey", not the destination...are you enjoying the journey? Forget the destination because that might just change. You do need a little more fiction in your life. Loved the old pics...yes I was caught with my hair in curlers and under the dryer when friends came to visit. That it simply is the 13th is great because itmeans I got through the 12th. Can I have a hint about next weeks book, please? I have been really good today and didn't bother anyone.

Jennie said...

I'd tell ya if I knew myself.