June 29, 2007

A MeMe ~Jennie Style~

Your Name:

in my mother's baby name book Jennifer meant white wave, I was born down the shore...

Famous Singer/Band:
Jon Bon Jovi

very pregnant with Sean, my sister's brother in law was doing Bon Jovi's lighting, free tickets, and there's me - on stage, in the dancing area, dancing, very pregnant, two feet from Ritchie Sambora....one of those moments when you catch yourself in a place you simply never imagined...

4 letter word:

I do like coffee a lot, though I never call it this


this is a street I often travel down on my walks, that has a house all decked out with feng shui

I like the stone


when in doubt buy me some jewelry from Sundance


never wanted a Jeep, though they look fun, I'm much too worried about safety in accidents

Things in a Souvenir Shop:

I love journals!

Boy Name:

my dad

Girl Name:

my mom - and my sister is Julie, isn't that cute?

Movie Title:
Jersey Girl

my neighbor was an extra in this movie

Jasmine tea

I want to like this, but sometimes I think it tastes like perfume


I looked into this as a major once

Juliette Binoche

I like any movie she's in - love her, love her


I've never read this women's magazine, but am curious...my mom and lifelong best friend are both Jane, so it seems fitting

U.S. City:
Jackson Hole, WY

where, after screeching down the Grand Tetons, Goldie hit 20,000 miles

Pro Sports Teams:

my hubby talks of going up to see Giant's stadium someday (and the only reason I know that the Jets play there is that I googled them)

Reason for Being Late for Work:

makes it hard to get out of bed sometimes

Something You Throw Away:

I've been on a throw-out-junk kick lately - trash cans full - and I'm loving it!

Things You Shout:
June is busting out all over!

sang this Carousel tune in All-State chorus in 1982 and sometimes still the lyrics just come busting out

Cartoon Character:
Josie (and the Pussycats)

I watched this groovy cartoon as a child, then named my Great Dane Josie (not after that Josie) and often would sing to her Josie and the Pussycats theme song. She enjoyed that, as you can imagine.


Paul said...

My granddaughter's middle name is Jane.

For pro sports teams I've become enchanted with hockey even though I never played it--or even saw it at all till I was in my 40s. So my team, I guess, is the Dallas Stars, cuz their the ones who introduced me to it.

rosemary said...

Oh, that I could throw out my junk....I save it for my someday yard sale.

Oh, to have time alone with Jackson Browne. I did embarass myself with a comment I made to him...I posted it.

You are rich Jennie....rich with words, the ability to put your thoughts into those words and charm me with them.