July 3, 2007

Big Day

A day late on my Book o' Mine again.

Today is Sean's day. As you can see from this photo journal of our morning, Sean is now splinted rather than casted. He actually began to faint after it was taken off...and I actually photographed his pale white self laying on the bed, but will spare you that. The staff said that it was a common thing for people who just have their casts removed. He came around eventually, but was actually laying there sleeping for several minutes!
He's very happy. I have to watch him carefully now, because the doctor says his arm is actually weaker until he begins to use it and the bone hardens. ~sigh~ Makes me glad my first son never broke anything, he would have never healed....He's the one who insisted upon skateboarding without a shin guard one day after having 20 stitches removed from his lower leg. We were simply ridiculous for even suggesting such a thing, people! Skateboard popped up just right and back to the ER we went.
So, it's off to the lake for the remainder of the summer!


rosemary said...

Such a cutie....he will probably save that cast forever...my youngest son still has his.

'B' said...

I hope that whilst up at the lake, he behaves himself so as he doesn't re-break it...
Here from Michele's this evening (Sydney time), and hope you had a great 4th July!

Michele said...

Hello Jennie,

First let me say: aww poor Sean, he looks very brave in that photo, In fact, I shall imagine him from here on out as Sean the Brave.

Now, let me ask you what the heck this means: "So, it's off to the lake for the remainder of the summer!" Does it mean that you and your guys will be somewhere lovely but that you will still be virtually connected? Please say yes. Or, does it suggest....(I can't finish the sentence it is too upsetting to consider).

I need an answer. I will check back here often for one.

Jennie said...

Put down your tissues and chin up Michele! We're firmly planted here all summer but one week. We belong to a lake/pool that is a little more than a mile away. We haven't been able to go all summer because of Sean's cast, but now it'll be good exercise for his wilted arm to swim and play in the sand. Only problem is that - get this - I'm expected to wear an actual bathing suit rather than coveralls when I swim there. Humph! Thanks for the visit!

Paul said...

Hats off to Sean!! Don't tell me he fainted. Tell me he had a sudden brain drain, but that he snapped out of is pretty soon. ;) Happy 4tha July to your whole family.

Have fun at the lake.

Michele said...

See, I told you I would be back. You were warned.

They want you to wear a bathing suit while swimming? That's just rude. Actually, I am going out bathing suit shopping sometime within the next few days. Time to pick back up those tissues and carry them with me ot the change room.

Have fun. Lots of it!

carli said...

Hope he is on the road to recovery. . . seems to be. That cast looks filthy. It obviously didn't keep him too far away from the dirt and fun of summer.
Here from Michele.