July 31, 2007

Coming Clean

I just vacuumed and dusted my downstairs for the first time in mumble mumble and it is officially official:

It is 100% impossible that anyone living in my house suffers from even the slightest allergy to dust.


rosemary said...

They build up immunity that way...pretty smart family.

Michele said...

Oh, can we have a contest based on who, between you and I, went the longest without vacuuming? Please, I never win anything and the fact that I do not own a vacuum might guarantee me a win.

Now, please, stop imaging how dirty my floors must be. There is truly no need for a vacuum when there are no carpets, really, just ask the lovely cleanign lady who comes in every Friday - she claims I do nto need a vacuum.

Did I win?

Jennie said...

I don't have rugs either, but I use a vacuum hose attachment to "sweep" usually. But I win because you had that maid-thingy once this week. And that's all I'm admitting to!

Paul said...

I live by this mantra: No husband has ever been shot while he was washing the dishes, ironing or vacuuming.