July 7, 2007


My sister called yesterday morning, bored, afraid that her kids were going to say in September, "We didn't do anything fun all summer!" And I know well what that means. "Jen, what are we going to do today?" She suggested Storybookland. And I figured, after a few moments of sighs and dreads, that it was a good day to get that over with. So I made some lunch, did not bother to rouse my 15 year old sleeping soundly, nabbed Luke from his day camp, and we headed south to the magnificent land of the storybook.

There, you'll find things like:

And even this, goats on platforms with ladders and bridges, tripp-trapping around, waiting for you to feed them:

All of these things above - especially the Mother Goose figure by whose feet innocent children were walking and exclaiming things like, "EW! What is that?!" - all these things would be very disturbing to my husband who does not delight in fairies, jesters or clowns either, so he was also spared the experience. Instead, my oldest son and husband had optometrist appointments yesterday, which I am certain better met their enjoyment quota.

The first thing my sister and I did when we got there, after running hysterically from the Mother Goose greeting, was to show the kids who's boss.

Immediately thereafter, the kids showed us who's boss when they insisted that we join them on this vomit machine.

Lucky for me, I have a neck injury and cannot go on rides (which I remembered very soon after the vomit machine) so my sister accompanied the kids on Bubbles the Coaster. The kids went on this ride approximately 9 times. My sister went once. She's a quick study.

For the rest of the nine times, she and I sat on a bench and took strange pictures of our feet.

I bought them first. She copied.

Then there were trips to the North Pole, a freezing pole of ice all over which hundreds of kids a day rub their dirty bodies......

The kids drove buggies and my nephew insisted that his car was the only one that didn't drive itself, he drove it. My 5 year old set him straight with the facts.

Finally, it was time to take a train ride around Storybookland to say our good byes to

The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe...

all of Santa's reindeer...

and whoseever story this whale depicts.....

And there is the Book 'O Mine post for this busy holiday week!

Better luck next week!


Michele said...

Once upon a time...otherwise known as mere moments ago, I thought: Michele (yes, that is what I call myself) you have never been to Storybook Land, shouldn't you do that?

Then, as if by magic I discover that my dear friend Jennie has just been there herself and has lovingly supplied details and pictures.

Thank you Jennie it was as if I was there. I can now cross that off my to-do-list and still.....live happily ever after.

Lea said...

..everytime I see your boys I think" they all look just alike"... and then I follow that with " they all look like Jennie"!!!

Would you rather be Jack Sprat or Jack be Nimble???

rosemary said...

Wonderful book 'o mine this week....I love picture books! Your feet are adorable too, but not as adorable as the kids having the time of their lives!