July 13, 2007

Time and Inspiration

I have none lately. In case anyone would notice. Usually when I'm absent and uncreative, I'm chewing on something and usually when I'm chewing on something, I can't seem to do anything else. Although I am getting a lot of organizing and sorting and throwing out done around the house, which is lovely and rewarding. When I get a moment here soon, I'll expound!

In the meantime...speaking of time and inspiration and chewing...look at this.

"For edge lovers."

You gotta really love edges, huh? When I saw this, I thought gee, people don't have a lot to think about. Imagine, dreaming up this pan and going through all the hoops to have it made so that people could have chewy brownies. And not just people, but every person.

Wow. Hey, I'm not saying I don't want the pan, or that I spend my time any better or wiser than brownie pan inventors!

I'm simply saying wow.


rosemary said...

Some one was really, really bored. Personally I like the middle piece of anything...brownies, cakes, coffee cake. I was having a problem with the outside almost feral kittens dumping their water and my friend gave me an old angel food cake pan and we put a piece of plastic pipe through the hole and a "T" screwed to the top and presto, no more spilling. Now to me that's clever!

Paul said...

Brownie. Who cares where you bite in. Cn bI hfa nothr, pless. Thanguuu.