August 17, 2007


My vacation entries wouldn't be complete without a few pictures of Charleston. The houses were ... well, there's no word for it. And certainly "house" is simply too meager.
My camera couldn't resist several of them.

I loved this blue one, the arches, the front door and the hint of the gardens in the back. Oh, and it went on forever around back.

We got the distinct impression that this one above was not accepting visitors that day.

I want to see the kids skipping up these front steps from school, "Hi Mom! I'm home!"

Every last one of them could have been, and probably has been, in a photo shoot in some "Amazing Houses of America" magazine spread.


But perhaps neatest of all, Sean and I happened to be looking down into the harbor when a sea turtle came up to the surface for a breath of fresh air and then turned and returned to the deep. It was a thrill.

Beautiful city. I regret not going on a girl's weekend visit when my best friend lived there several years ago, but I think I was nursing a baby or something. It would be a perfect girl's weekend destination.

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rosemary said...

These palaces are larger, much larger, versions of the grand old ladies in San Fran. I wish I had another life to live in one of them. Another dream squashed.